Monday, March 16, 2015

The Rock’s Landlords Are Accusing Him Of Defacing His $6 Million Florida Rental Mansion

The Rock, shortly before he (probably) destroyed this kitchen.

VIA: We’ve already given you a taste of The Rock’s lip-syncing to Taylor Swift softer side today, but now it’s time to delve into Dwayne Johnson’s dark and seedy side. Well, sort of dark, particularly if you’re serious about proper property maintenance.

For the last two years, Rock has been living in a $25,000 per month rental mansion in Florida while a new 5,000-foot section is being added to his permanent home. Well, according to Rock’s landlords, he treated his $6 million rental palace like a bit of a frat house, and they’re demanding $80,000 in damages from him. Haven’t we all been there?

According to snoopy neighbors, Rock used to frequently throw “badass” parties at the property, because duh, he’s The Rock. Those parties have pretty much wrecked the house’s floors. Other issues include rotten astroturf in the batting cages, broken fountains, thousands of dead plants around the grounds and dozens of dead exotic fish in the house’s massive salt water aquarium. So, in other words, never get The Rock to house sit for you because the guy is going to kill everything.

I’m sure The Rock could find $80,000 in his couch cushions, and no dead hookers or abandoned pet chimpanzees have been found (yet), so this isn’t that big a deal, but still, dude, feed your fish.

Here’s Rock hanging out with a turtle on the property in question during happier times…

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