Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tell Me He Did Not Just Say That: Booker T Apologized For His Owen Hart Comment From Raw

VIA: In case you missed it on last night’s episode of WWE Raw, Booker T scissor-kicked his foot into his mouth with a comment during the Neville vs. Luke Harper King of the Ring tournament match. JBL mentioned that Neville could become the first high-flying King of the Ring, which led to this exchange about Owen Hart:

JBL: “Of course Owen was a high-flyer, but not like this.”
Booker T: “He couldn’t defy gravity.”

Some pertinent information: Owen Hart became King of the Ring in 1994, defeating Razor Ramon in the finals. He also fell to his death at the Over the Edge pay-per-view in 1999. Neville is known as “The Man That Gravity Forgot,” so the comment was 100 percent meant to put Neville over and not reference anybody’s plummeting death, but… yeah, whoops.

Booker apologized for the comment shortly after the show.

Booker could not be reached for comment on whether or not he thought Chris Benoit really murdered the competition at WrestleMania XX.

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