Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2,800 Pieces Of Pyro And 10 Cakes? Check Out Everything Required To Put On An Episode Of Raw

VIA: Ever wondered what all goes into the production of your typical episode of Raw? Well, a local news website recently ran it all down, and it’s kind of fascinating in its own way. WWE has done commercials of this nature before, but this goes into much greater, weirder detail.

Here’s all the technical stuff required for the show…

– 33,000 Ft. of cable (roughly 6 miles)
– 16 Trucks
– 2 television trucks
– 1 satellite trucks
– 1 generator truck
– 9 crew buses
– 5 talent buses
– Set up begins at 8 a.m.
– Typically 100 plus local crew members are hired per show
– There are 80,000 individual bulbs in the HD set
– 12 cameras are used to shoot TV
– 48 speakers are part of the set
– WWE brings 2,800 pieces of pyro to each television taping and uses an average of 1,200 pieces each event.
– There is over one mile of pyro cable used for each TV taping.

See, now I had no idea the crew needed to put on these shows was that huge. Nine buses worth of guys plus an additional 100 from the local area? How do they always manage to shoo all these people out of the background for the backstage segments? It’s gotta be butt-to-gut back there.

Here’s the food required for the show…

– 65 cases of water
– 180 lbs of chicken
– 150 lbs of beef or pork
– 5 gallons of rice
– 15 gallons of soup
– 100 lbs of potatoes
– 6 – 8 cases of vegetables
– 40 cases of soda
– 500 cookies
– 10 cakes
– 6 pies
– 3 cases of energy drinks

Okay, the massive piles of chicken and beef are expected, but why the f*ck would they need 10 cakes? Are they just kept on standby in case Vince decides the show desperately needs a food fight segment? Also, I like how there’s far fewer vegetables on the list than anything else. Come on, what would the kids think if they knew their favorite wrestlers weren’t eating their veggies?

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