Friday, June 5, 2015

A Taco Bell In Chicago Will Be The First U.S. Location To Serve Alcohol

VIA: Just last week, Taco Bell announced they will be removing all artificial ingredients from their menu. And the revamping will be continuing as a new Chicago location will soon be opening to offer beer, wine, and what the Chicago Tribune is calling “boozy freezes.” The alcoholic drinks will be reserved for eat-in customers only and the libations will be poured in designated cups so employees can keep tabs on you sneaky kids trying to book it for the door with ‘garita in hand.

The new location in Wicker Park will also be getting an upscale makeover that is being compared to the Taco Bell locations in Tokyo, Seoul and the U.K. So, basically, we’re inching a little bit closer to a Demolition Man style world where EVERY RESTAURANT will be Taco Bell.

Hey, I think I’m okay with that

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