Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Brazilian News Reporter Tries To Interview Dead Guy At Crime Scene, Should Get A Raise For Being Such A Good Journalist

VIA: An over-zealous journalist from Brazil was so intent on trying to get an exclusive story at a crime scene that he did not realise that one of the suspects who he was trying to interview was dead. The journalist even tried prodding the man on the back for an answer before realising that he was not going to get any comments.

The journalist arrived at the scene of an alleged shooting in Aracaju, involving three men and the police, after an attempted robbery of a grocery shop. In the YouTube video, three men were seen handcuffed and lying face down next to a car. The video shows the reporter first speaking to a police officer. He then interviewed one of the three suspects lying handcuffed on the floor before moving round to the other side of the car to the handcuffed dead suspect — also lying face down — and tried to interview him.

He was unsuccessful in this attempt.

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