Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Eminem Is Producing And Writing New Music For Joe Carnahan’s TV Series ‘NARC’

VIA: Detroit native Eminem is almost ready to join Joe Carnahan’s NARC TV series for Paramount. Following the success of other hip hop acts like Timbaland with Empire, Eminem is looking to bring his brand of wordplay to Carnahan’s story of Detroit cops and corruption. Deadline provides a little background for how extensive Eminem’s role will be in the series:

Eminem is in negotiations to join the project as an executive producer and music supervisor, and as part of that he is expected to write some original songs. Carnahan has written a pilot script and is set to direct and executive produce the drama, which is expected to be taken out to networks.

Carnahan’s 2002 film starred Ray Liotta and Jason Patric as Detroit police investigating the death of an undercover narcotics officer related to Liotta’s character. It was sorta like a gritty Training Day and well worth a look if you’re interested in the film. Hard to know how the series will hold up, but Carnahan has a decent television track record to this point with The Blacklist and despite the presence of Katherine Heigl’s State of Affairs on his resume.

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