Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Someone Calculated How Much Money Vinnie Chase Gave His Boys Over The Course Of ‘Entourage’

VIA: Over the course of eight (or eight-and-a-half?) seasons, Vinnie Chase went from being rich to broke to rich to broke to rich to broke and back again.

All the while, even while tightening the belt straps, Vinnie still took care of his boys. Turtle, Drama and E were never for want. And even though they each had some side income, with E working as a manager, and Drama with bit parts, and Turtle hustling sneakers, the foundation of their wealth was the V Chase franchise.

Thankfully, some true Bros at PayPal crunched the numbers to find who was the most in debt.

Turtle is potentially the most indebted friend, with a sample debt of $423,366 for his chauffer service – but with the addition of the $250,000 Ferrari gift from Vince from Season 6, he owes a total of $673,366

Drama’s sample debt is largely due to his weekly cooking supply needs: he owes about $480,047 for his chef service in keeping the guys fed

As the most business savvy friend, E’s sample debt is the most modest: he’s indebted $339,300 for his participation in night life and entertainment with the guys

It all adds up to a total of over $1.5 million.

Fucking freeloaders.

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