Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ben Affleck Got Some Pretty Good Advice From Christian Bale On Playing Batman

VIA: Ben Affleck was in Hall H this past weekend with the rest of the cast of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, telling some pretty good stories about being on set (you can watch the whole panel in the video above.) One of the more interesting tales, however, took place off set… and involved the man who previously wore the cowl of the Dark Knight.

Affleck — who will also be directing and starring in an all-by-his-lonesome Batman film — recalled running into none other than Christian Bale at a Los Angeles costume shop. Both actors were there with their respective children and struck up a conversation. When Affleck asked Bale for any advice on playing the Caped Crusader, he only told him one important thing: “Make sure you can piss in the suit.”

Personally, I like to think there’s a fraternity of actors who have played Batman in one form or another, and they all get special rings and have a secret handshake and make fun of Bale’s gravelly bat-voice behind his back.

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