Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eminem Believes Hip-Hop ‘Is In A Good Place Right Now,’ Praises Kendrick Lamar And Drake

VIA: Not everyone in hip-hop always plays nice. In fact, just this past week, it was rumored that Young Thug and Birdman allegedly conspired to murder Lil Wayne. Still, there’s much love and respect to go around, as evidenced by Eminem’s latest commentary.

In an interview with the New York Times, the “Phenomenal” rapper talked about the various records he’s been spinning in his spare time. He also praised his fellow MCs, as well as the state of hip-hop in general:

“I try to stay up on everything that’s out,” said Em. “I love [Lil] Wayne, Drake, Big Sean, Schoolboy Q. I love Kendrick [Lamar]. I just try to pay attention to what’s out. Wayne puts out a new song, and my ears perk up. There are certain artists that make me do that just because of the caliber that they rhyme at — it’s like candy to me. Kendrick, the way he puts albums together — front to back, they’re like pieces of art. But hip-hop needs Drake, too. Hip-hop needs Big Sean. I feel like hip-hop is in a good place right now. There’s this balance of things going on, and it feels like some of the best rappers are the most successful. Sometimes that’s not the case.

The Detroit native also made sure to include Kanye West in his list of elite rappers, in addition to giving props to Jay Z for staying relevant throughout the years. “It’s one of the things I really respect about Jay [Z],” he said. “In my opinion, he’s never had a lull in his career. It’s always just been so consistent; he’s so in tune with what is current and what’s cool to do.”

As for Em’s current role in hip-hop, he intends on staying “lyrically competitive,” but is also aware of his own shortcomings. He admitted that the “Encore days” and 2009’s Relapse represented lulls in his career.

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