Friday, July 10, 2015

ESPN’s Chris Broussard Admits His Mark Cuban Tweets Were Wrong

VIA: ESPN’s Chris Broussard has swallowed his pride and officially admitted he was wrong to report that Cuban was driving around Dallas/Houston and begging for DeAndre Jordan’s attention on Wednesday. He confessed on Twitter that he was mistaken with this statement:

Regarding my Wednesday report: I should have attempted to contact Mark Cuban before reporting what my sources were telling me. I always try to carry myself with honesty and integrity both personally and professionally. I recognize that I tweeted hastily, I’m sorry for it, and I will learn from my mistake.

Cuban refuted Broussard’s report almost immediately, and even offered the reporter $100,000 to donate to the charity of his choice if he could prove Cuban was begging Jordan to sign with Dallas.

Anyway, Jordan is still a Clipper, and Mark and the Mavs are rummaging through the bargain bin to fill out their roster, thus ending one of the most surreal free agent pursuits of all-time.

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