Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Here’s Video Of Micronesia Losing A Soccer Game 46-0

VIA: Usually if a soccer team wins by four or five goals, it’s considered a blowout. If you really search hard enough, you can probably find people who consider the USWNT’s 5-2 win over Japan on Sunday a blowout.

We may need to redefine the definition of a “blowout,” because Micronesia played Vanuatu in an Olympic qualifying match today and lost 46-0. The top goal scorer for Vanuatu – which isn’t exactly Barcelona, as it is ranked 200th out of the 209 countries that FIFA recognizes – tallied an unreal 16 goals, and the match was so crazy that the official scorekeeper just got up and left while it was still happening.

Micronesia’s manager said the team is a bit overwhelmed by the entire tournament, as this is their first time getting out and seeing the world.

“Most of these have never been out of their villages let alone on to another island. I took them to Guam the other day (and it was) the first time they’ve been on an elevator or an escalator. It’s been a huge step-up for these guys and they’ve just been overawed really.”

Still, Micronesia has allowed an insane 114 goals in three matches, and if it wanted to have any chance at advancing, it would have needed to take down Vanuatu by a score of at least 30-0.

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