Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Someone on Reddit Leaked Extensive Notes Vince McMahon Allegedly Gave to WWE Announcers

Complex: You might think that calling a WWE match is pretty simple. You watch two guys or two Divas go at it, you talk about what you see, you remind viewers what's at stake, you see who wins, and then you yell about the outcome of the match. Boom. Done.

As it turns out, though, there's more to it than that. Much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much more. Late last night, a lengthy list of rules for WWE announcers leaked on Reddit. It's unclear whether or not the list is legit, but it certainly feels like it is, because many of the guidelines, which appear to have been created by Vince McMahon himself, sound like they're designed to make WWE feel more interesting and over the top.

It's worth noting that it appears as though many of the notes are really old. Some look like they are dated as far back as 2008 or so. But it's still interesting to see them since we're guessing they were never supposed to see the light of day. Scroll down to see how McMahon allegedly wants his WWE announcers to behave while they're on the air...

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