Friday, July 10, 2015

The City Of Toronto Took Forever To Clean Up A Dead Raccoon On The Sidewalk So People Made A Candlelit Vigil For Him

Daily Mail- When a dead raccoon was spotted on a Toronto sidewalk, city officials were simply expected to remove it. But as the animal’s remains lay on the streets, without the authorities taking the appropriate action, passers-by started to mourn its passing. It started just after 9:00am on Thursday when a worker alerted city workers to its presence with a picture on Twitter. The 311 account said Animal Services had been notified, but they weren’t coming in a hurry. The gestures began with someone leaving a note next to the remains which read: ‘Rest dear raccoon. Help is on the way from the city.’ Then, six hours later, another person added flowers, a condolences card and a framed picture of a raccoon. City Counciller Norm Kelly took a picture of the animal and urged staff to pick it up as people were ‘having fun with it’. Almost two hours later, the raccoon was still there. Someone then wrote #deadraccoonto on a piece of paper, and a social media campaign was born

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