Sunday, April 5, 2015

Furious 7’s Popularity Caused One Theater To Stay Open All Night

VIA: The demand for Furious 7 is so high, a New York movie theater hasn’t closed its doors since Thursday night. The AMC Fresh Meadows 7 is offering round-the-clock showings of the film, which features Paul Walker‘s final performance. According to THR, the last time movie theaters stayed open 24/7 was during installments of the Harry Potter and Dark Knight film series:

“Our theaters don’t want to end the night on a sellout, so as long as guests are still filling up the auditoriums, we keep the doors open and the popcorn hot,” said AMC’s Ryan Noonan.

So far, Fresh Meadows 7 is the only theater reportedly staying open for Furious 7. The film is set to gross roughly $150-million, which would break Easter weekend box office records.

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