Thursday, April 9, 2015

How John Cena’s Failed Heel Turn Helped Developmental Wrestlers

VIA: On the first outing of Live! with Chris Jericho on the WWE Network, John Cena said that at one point, he was all set for a heel turn. He had a new song recorded and even had new gear made up. The Wrestling Observer all but confirmed this, with a little added tidbit:

Cena reportedly spent $5,000 on having new gear made but then canceled the order before it was made. Cena told the seamstress he ordered from, Sue Kotulski, to use the money for new outfits for WWE developmental talents instead of giving him a refund.

Cena came to developmental in Tampa at that time and told the same story and some in developmental unofficially created what they dubbed The Cena Scholarship. Each month, the campaign saw WWE developmental coaches vote on who the most outstanding talents of the month were. That talent would then get a $500 credit towards having new gear made by Kotulski.

I’m mystified that a guy who wears a Chive shirt and shorts from the Old Navy Bro collection each week would have gear that expensive, but I could also be drastically underestimating the cost of armbands. What I do know is that if Cena ever makes that turn, he should have no choice but to revisit this look:

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