Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What It’s Like To Unbox An Apple Watch

VIA: There are plenty of Apple Watch reviews out in the wild now, but we have yet to see a solid unboxing of the hottest new wearable in tech.

French newspaper Metronews did the honor, and here’s what opening an Apple Watch for the first time is like:

The Apple Watch comes in a surprisingly big box.

There’s a box within the box that holds the actual Watch.

The inductive charger is wrapped at the bottom of the main box, and it’s pretty long.

Apple wants you to charge the Watch at night, so it makes sense for the cable to be longer than normal for charging next to your bed.

The Apple Watch is enclosed in a velvety case.

What looks like a plastic piece keeps the band wrapped around the Watch elegantly. This unboxing was for the mid-tier Apple Watch, so there’s a chance the Sport model could come in a box that isn’t as nice.

Here’s how the Milanese Loop band works:

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