Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An Important Update On The Rat Jared Leto Gave To Margot Robbie

VIA: Daddy’s Lil’ Monster, Margot Robbie, is the proud mother to a rat that proto-Taylor Swift/method actor Jared Leto gave to her while filming Suicide Squad, where the Wolf of Wall Street actress plays Harley Quinn. It’s a love story for the ages, even if, according to 2015’s answer to Sam Worthington, Jai Courtney, the rat is now “living with Guillermo del Toro.”

That explains Guillermo’s many unfinished projects: the rat ate all the screenplays.

In an interview with Elle, Margot updated the world on #RatGate, informing us that she’s kept the rodent, and even named him… Rat Rat. Hopefully Suicide Squad is more clever than that.

Named Rat Rat. (“Original!” says Robbie.) It was given to her by Jared Leto, or rather, Jared Leto’s character in the upcoming Batman flick Suicide Squad, in which he plays the Joker. Several crew members suggested killing it, but Robbie kept the rat because, “If Harley [her character in Suicide Squad] got something from Joker, she’d probably cherish it.” Rat Rat now dines on organic berries from Whole Foods. (Via)

Oh, sure, when Margot Robbie has a pet rat, it’s eccentric. But when I introduce my landlord to Mr. Scabbers, he’s all like, you have two weeks to move, blah blah blah.

Famous people get all the breaks.

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